San Diego Comic-Con 2019 - Comic Book Law School returns!

For this year’s 50th anniversary of Comic-Con International: San Diego, Michael Lovitz will be returning for his 26th consecutive year of presentations on intellectual property law, with COMIC BOOK LAW SCHOOL panels being offered on Thursday (CBLS 101), Friday (CBLS 202 joined by Terri Lubaroff and David Lizerbram) and Saturday (CBLS 303 joined by Prof. Marc Greenberg, Prof. Betsy Rosenblatt, attorney David Branfman and Canadian attorney David S. Lipkus).

Michael Lovitz
WonderCon 2019 Program Materials - The ABCs of Intellectual Property

For those attending my Comic Book Law School (R) program at WonderCon 2019 - this Friday, March 29, 2019, you can download a copy of the program materials using the following link:

Swing by Room 210 if you the time and inclination - you just might end up having fun learning cool stuff about copyrights, trademarks, contracts and other legal goodness!!

"Loan-Out Companies: Unintended Consequences for Creators?"

Michael Lovitz authored an article titled Loan-Out Companies: Unintended Consequences for Creators?, which was published in the Fall 2017 issue of Delaware Lawyer. The article focuses on the advantages, and potential pitfalls, for creators who use loan-out companies to furnish their personal services; specifically, that while loan-outs can provide individuals with many advantages, including asset protection and substantial financial and tax benefits, they also carry certain consequences as to ownership of intellectual property rights, and in particular copyright rights. READ THE ARTICLE

Michael Lovitz
Wall Street Journal Talks With Michael Lovitz About Indie Publishing Deals

The Wall Street Journal interviewed Michael Lovitz for its coverage of San Diego Comic-Con International. In the article, “At Comic-Con, Indie Publishers Tout Their Stock,” Michael notes that, at the annual event, a lot of intellectual property deals are made. “Many producers scoop up numerous options, hoping one in a few dozen might hit,” Michael said. “Independent creators can typically expect option deals that initially pay less than $10,000, with the promise to deliver a five- or six-figure check if the project actually gets produced. The options typically last from a few months to a couple of years before lapsing.” READ THE ARTICLE

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"'Star Trek' Legalities Panel Draws Comic-Con Crowd"

Michael Lovitz was quoted by the Los Angeles and San Francisco Daily Journal for it’s coverage of 2016’s San Diego Comic-Con International. Michael has led standing room only sessions at the annual event for 24 years running. “They used to put me in a room that had a capacity of 30,” Michael told the publication. “Now, I’ve been moved to a conference hall that can fit 200 people - and that’s at capacity.”

MEDIAMichael Lovitz
New York Times Includes Michael Lovitz in Comic-Con Coverage

The New York Times featured Michael Lovitz and his intellectual property work in an article on San Diego Comic-Con International. “Even at a Comics Event, You Can’t Defy Gravitas,” reports on Michael’s “Comic Book Law School” series. The standing room only sessions provide critical information for artists and writers, including, as the Times notes, “the ins and outs of work for hire, the employment term that has become a critical legal issue in multimillion-dollar battles.” READ THE ARTICLE

MEDIAMichael Lovitz
"Defending the Superheroes"

Michael Lovitz is the subject of a profile published in the July/August, 2011, issue of The Pennsylvania Gazette. In the article, which identifies Michael "among those redefining ownership laws" in the intellectual property space, he discusses his Los Angeles-based intellectual property practice and several recent high-profile trademark and copyright cases. READ THE ARTICLE

MEDIAMichael Lovitz
"Marvel Artist's Heirs Want Copyrights"

Michael Lovitz was quoted in a Los Angeles and San Francisco Daily Journal article on the efforts by heirs of legendary artist Jack Kirby to recapture copyrights to characters he helped create from Marvel Entertainment, following Marvel's announced acquisition by the Walt Disney Company.  Before his death in 1994, Kirby had a role in creating characters for X-Men, Fantastic Four, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America, and Iron Man, among others.  If successful, it "might actually make the properties more valuable because the terminations could cancel deals Marvel currently has with other studios," Michael told the publications  "There are all kinds of interesting questions this raises."

MEDIAMichael Lovitz
"Comic Book Guy"

Michael Lovitz and his innovative intellectual property law series for artists and corporates was profiled in the October 2009 issue of IP Law & Business, one of the industry's premier trade publications. The profile quotes one of Lovitz's long-time clients as saying “getting together with someone like Mike, who understands not only the professional end of the market, but how fans interact with us — he’s gold, he is absolutely gold.” 

MEDIAMichael Lovitz